Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Night

Later, when we went outside for air, we just stood leaning against this very old, once a castle, wall.  Our heads together.  The coolness of the stone on my back, bringing my temperature down from the twirling and dancing we'd been at for hours. 

We were there, talking for a long while.  Content to be away from the frenzy of a too fast beat and indiscernible lyrics.  I found myself in that sweet spot of gentle intoxication.  Wanting to be exactly where I was, for as long as the night would allow it.  I soaked in like rain his intelligence and the things he chose to tell me about himself.  He was letting me be a part of the wholeness of his person. I marvelled that life is the dance.   And from a room full of strangers, we felt anything of the sort.

On occasion he would turn and kiss me.  Hi mouth hesitant, forbidden, bewildering.  My stomach turning over itself, silently begging for more.  I'd told him earlier that I wasn't at liberty... tried to leave it at that.  Wanting nothing to exist outside of this delicious bubble of chocolate coated time. 

"I like you" she said.  Exhaling, words falling forward.  And she knew he liked her back.   A two-way divining spell having encapsulated them both.

"So who is he?" he asked quietly.  Unable to take his eyes from her. Her heartstrings wrapping and winding with his, invisible knots of pleasure and pain weaving them together.  His fingers entwining her own.  Hinting at all that could be.  But never would.