Sunday, September 19, 2010


She said that we could be many different things.  And we should.  Sometimes these things need to be experienced separately and at other times simultaneously.  Constantly expanding outward and strengthening inward.  But you must not limit yourself.  You must allow these things access to your soul with the same effortlessness as air rushes in your lungs and blood pumps through your heart.  Soon you will learn to not think so much about it all.  You'll just allow yourself to be and go with all that the soul is journeying through and toward.

She said there was still the faint aroma of fear, like a pheromone, but at least it was no longer stinking the place up or inviting the wrong kind of company in for an extended stay.  It was weakening rapidly, these things are born with a half life you know, so they diminish quickly but take a lifetime to erode in entirety.

Focus, she said on moving the joy of the adventure into the recesses of your mind, let it saturate all states of your consciousness.