Monday, February 14, 2011


"I love you and I hate you."

He asked if it was as simple as all of that.  And of course he wanted to know what the future held.

"The whole world" she said "is caught up in love and hate.  So I suppose it is as simple and as deeply complex as all of that."  She released a slow sigh that had long grown roots in her heart and blanketed the world in its stillness for a moment.  "As for the future" a pause to look him in the eye and see if there was deceit or longing there.  Most definitely longing.  For they were both well aware that they stood in a doorway between their worlds.

She could feel the pull of all their prior lives together.  They played in images shaded by grey, pulsing, sometimes crisp and sometimes impressions of what could only be felt, never to be seen clearly.  She could imagine them with such ease, bodies colliding with energy and tenderness.  Touching, pulling away.  It was difficult to keep her desire in check.  Nor did she want to play her hand and give the future away.

"The future belongs to the moment in which it is lived out."  He closed the small space that had separated them.  His breath heavy along her neck, raising the hair there, she refused to move nearer nor would she back away.  His hands brushed the sides of her abdomen, making her weak in the knees.  Yet she stood. Wanting to open and give it all to him, the way she had imagined that she always had and once again would.  They were in territory that could destroy everyone on the other side of this looking glass.  He brushed her lips and brought a feather touch of his hand to her cheek.

No longer could she recall the others.  This portal was theirs.  Here they could meet in dreams and defy all laws of time and space.  Wisps and echoes of millenia coursed through them, lives in which their bodies had writhed and moaned together with harmonies as sweet as honey and as dangerous as a swarm of bees.

It was hard to rail against such history.